Stories of Healing

I’m privileged to help people rediscover a pain-free life.
Read some of their stories below!
“As a 25-year massage therapist, my back and hips had taken a beating from my work. I was no stranger to self-care as my regimen, prior to seeing Allison, included yoga, strength training, cycling, swimming, walking, massage and other therapies. But still, the back pain persisted.

I was shocked at what Allison noticed about my posture and the way I carried myself when standing and walking. She has an amazing eye for reading the body and translating those observations into corrective exercises to strengthen and release. After just a few weeks of following her exercises, I was able to stay on top of back discomfort. And, to this date, 9 months later, I remain pain free. I changed how I move in the world, based on her suggestions and continue to follow the exercises she gave me which, I imagine, will be helpful the rest of my life.“ —Ellen Winick

“After suffering intense back pain, I had back surgery to repair a ruptured herniated disc. A few months later, I herniated another disc and knew that I needed to do something different. Allison gave me personalized attention to get at the root of the problem.

​She observed me and then worked with me to show me how to stretch and strengthen my body. The simple, gentle moves gave me some immediate relief. She also helped me elongate my torso and changed the way I walk and move. Not only did she give me a great routine, but she’s followed up with me enough to make sure that I continue to do the moves in the precise ways they should be done.

This is the most helpful and hopeful long-term solution I’ve found for my back. I’m now able to do things that I didn’t think I would be able to do anymore like running again. I am so grateful and happy that I came to see her! I would highly recommend anyone with back issues to see Allison.“ — Ana Ogren

“The progress I made with one of Allison’s programs has been simply remarkable. I had 50+ years of sacroiliac discomfort and 20+ years of bulging and herniated discs, many doctors, therapists, pharmaceutical regimes, etc. and none have come close to providing and sustaining the relief that I’ve had after 10 short weeks.  If you have the discipline to follow her recommended approach, she’s truly a miracle worker.  She’s given me the gift of tools to improve my own health that keep on giving!  I’m off the drugs and out of the doctors’ offices.

​As quickly as the first session, I thought I was feeling some difference. By the next morning, I knew that I had made progress. She recommended a way to support my body that improved my sleeping and overall back health; an eye pillow that has relieved my TMJ; and simple exercises that have made walking longer distances much more comfortable. I’ve used the techniques and tools on vacations with equal success−no more coming home with back aches and headaches.

The pictures and written instructions she provides after each session have been priceless as they help me make sure I’m doing all the exercises correctly. I keep the notebook at hand when I’m doing my exercises and refer to it other times to remind me of correct posture and position. This documentation is the magic of her program and her willingness to address questions between sessions eliminates any doubt or confusion.

The money that I’ve spent with Allison has been the best investment I’ve ever made in my health. It continues to be worth every penny!“ — Lee Mateja

“I saw Allison because I had such bad hip and lower back pain that I couldn’t sit comfortably for 2 years. She gave me simple movements and stretches that I could incorporate throughout the day. The instruction was very detailed and the movements easy to follow–and didn’t create any additional soreness.

Allison solved my problem in just a few sessions. I don’t experience the pain any more, and was able to fly to Europe and back without any problems.“ — Cecilia Turoff

“I went to Allison after having had major back surgery about two years prior, followed by a year of sacroiliac (SI) joint pain. I was getting by, but I had SI joint pain everyday. Any kind of bending was particularly difficult. For instance, it was painful getting up and down in any sitting position.

At our first appointment, Allison gave me four simple movements to do everyday. These movements took me maybe ten minutes each day. They were simple and quick. At our next appointment, she gave me a couple more movements. With each appointment, we slowly expanded the number of different movements I was to do. Allison would also follow-up with me after each appointment to find out how I was doing. She has always been very engaged in my progress.

Shortly after our third session, I experienced my first pain free day. I was still stiff but I was no longer feeling that SI joint pain every time I had to bend. There is a big difference between pain and stiffness.

I have continued with the movements for almost 4 months now. Lately, we have begun working on my walking. Over the years my walking had become stiff and is more like a shuffle. Allison has given me a number of movements to work on that are specifically designed to improve my walking. I continue to work on these as well.

It has been an amazing experience working with Allison. I used to have maybe one or two hours a day to get anything done. After that, I would have to rest. I can now go about my business all day and not really think about my back. I have my days back! And, since I am retired, those days have been good days.“ — Thomas Norton

“Have you ever taken your car to the auto repair place because it keeps breaking down?  Then, when it is ready for you to take home and you take it out on the road, you are pleasantly surprised to find that your car is running better than it has for a long time?  Then, when you open the trunk, you discover that not only did the mechanic fix your car, he gave you the tools to keep in running top shape?!!!

Well, my friends, this is what it is like to go to Wise Moves for back pain relief.  My back is feeling good AND I am equipped with new tools to guide my back and body to be stronger, and to work together to help my back stay healthy and pain free.  If you have back pain, I highly recommend that you see Allison at Wise Moves.  It is truly a great investment.​“ — Toni Roe

“I have had constant back, hip and groin pain due to a bulging disc, a ruptured disc and some stenosis. The pain was unresolved by medicine, chiropractic or countless acupuncture visits. Allison has been able to help address those issues in a shorter period of time and it has lasted.

​I found a response to my back pain within two classes and over the course of sessions to my hip and groin pain as well. Allison provided detailed instructions for homework and was always meticulously prepared. The main thing is she provides you with tools to help yourself the rest of your life without drugs or doctors or additional fees or classes.

I find Allison to be an extraordinary yoga therapist. She is kind, gentle and very individualized. I would recommend her without reservation. Her services were worth ten times the cost. Working with Allison was one of the smarter things I’ve done.“ — Ed Goldberg
“I have stenosis, and before I started working with Allison, my husband had to pull me out of bed every morning because I was in so much pain. Also, I could not bend down to pick anything up from the floor due to the amount of pain I was in.

I decided I wouldn’t let another therapist touch me after I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance in excruciating pain during a physical therapy session. And then I heard about Allison.

I was desperate to feel better and now, because of my sessions with her, I am in such a better place, physically, mentally and spiritually. I can do the things I love doing again! Allison is the Best!!!“ — Eileen Kushner

“For years my low back has been aching especially after sitting long periods of time. After many x-rays and low back epidurals the doctor told me my pain was due to a bulging disc and arthritis. I worked with Allison on specific exercises to ease the pain. I also have osteoporosis and a fear of falling. The balance exercises we worked on have helped considerably.

The detailed pictures and instructions help me to keep up my daily exercise routine. It’s a relief to know what to do. Allison is a kind, compassionate, very knowledgeable professional yoga therapist and great yoga teacher.” — Delores Spapperi
“Allison, I can’t thank you enough for helping me to improve my physical life. When we began, I wasn’t able to get out of a chair or walk up and down steps without a struggle, or even do ordinary walking or standing for any extended time.

I’d done several rounds of physical therapy in the past, which improved the pain for a time, but there’s no comparison between the results from those sessions and that of the yoga therapy. I can hardly believe the improvement, and how it could be done with such gentle movements.

I’m impressed how you were able to personalize any action I needed to address a particular area of concern, and all were helpful. Your expertise is outstanding.“ — Janet May